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Camp rock jr

summer . 2023

Welcome to Camp Rock — the ultimate camp for aspiring musicians ("Camp Rock Anthem"). Mitchie Torres arrives and greets her friends from last summer ("Brand New Day"). Everyone is welcomed by Camp Rock's founder, Brown Cesario. Mitchie starts off Opening Jam with ("This Is Me") and is joined by Connect 3 front man, Shane Gray, when he arrives with his brothers, Nate and Jason. In spotlight-absorbing fashion, Tess Tyler takes the stage ("Start the Party"). The campers soon receive an invitation to visit the brand new Camp Star, run by Brown's rival and former band mate, Axel Turner. Luke and the Star Campers perform a high-energy number ("Fire"), which overwhelms the Camp Rockers. Axel offers them a spot at Camp Star, and Tess immediately makes arrangements. Brown quickly shuttles the Camp Rockers back home to avoid further defections. Before they leave, Nate becomes smitten with Axel's daughter, Dana, but is too shy to say anything.

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